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 IL 2 Sturmovik Demo

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PostSubject: IL 2 Sturmovik Demo   Fri Aug 21, 2009 3:41 pm

As you may have noticed a demo of IL 2 Sturmspellingerror is available on the PSN store, the game promises to be the Killzone 2 of Flight Combat games (which helps explain the 1800mb download). On arcade mode the game gives you an indicator to show you how much to lead bullets on your target, identifies them for you, and makes crashing a near impossibility.
Realistic takes away the leading aid and only identifies targets for you.
Simulator is where the game feels unique though, turbulence may be a mere annoyance on your holidays, but it really complicates matters when a mass of bombers are stirring the air up and your plane occasionaly drops a few meters. You also have to identify the planes by their shapes in the sky, no little pop ups telling you what plane is what.
The only unrealistic thing is the fact that the enemy camera remains in simulator, but it provides some "SHIT!" moments when you see a stream of your bullets fly through a friendly spitfires wing after you mitake it for a Messerschmit. Even better is when you see the enemy opening fire on you, in sim if you push the plane too far that oh so precious air gliding over your wings can become too slow an push you into a deadly spin. The only way to recover is to use your rudder and ailerons to correct, nose dive to gain speed and pull up again.

My impressions of the demo, in arcade it feels a lot like Secret Weapons over Normandy, but very pretty. In sim though, the game is 10 times better, unleash your guns behind an enemy bomber and the oil can cover your cockpit screen in seconds, blinding you, and debris damages your extremly important prop.
So far I've only completed the first mission on sim mode, I got 1447 points with a perfect efficiency rating Smile. I tried to glide the plane back to the airfield after the mission but the engine had truly had it and I lost altitude and speed all too quickly. Free looking to the left as your planes wing is shot to ribbons by an enemy gun makes crashing worthwhile though...

Post your demo scores here Smile


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IL 2 Sturmovik Demo
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