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 Say Hi to Google Bot!

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PostSubject: Say Hi to Google Bot!   Say Hi to Google Bot! Icon_minitimeFri Jan 01, 2010 8:06 pm

The Google Bot is a solitary creature that lurks in the internets. It's main diet consists of keywords, links and bandwidth. It spends most of it's time at home in Google HQ ranking results.
Google Bots are terratorial creatures and it is very rare to see more than one Google Bot on the same page. They are known however, to co habitate with the Ask Jeeves Bot, the MSNSearch Bot and the Bing Bot.

These Bots collect the Keywords and links a page provides and returns them to their respective colony. It is not known how the Google Bot reproduces, however, it is believed that whenever a Google Bot finds a link to Google, a baby Google Bot is born. These small Google Bots venture into the Internets and begin to collect the small links and keywords, usually sticking to the High Safe Search Sites until their eyes become accustomed to the porn that makes up most of their habitat.

Say Hi to Google Bot! Google-bot-skynet

Say Hi to Google Bot! Gr8gam12
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Say Hi to Google Bot!
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