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 Red Dead Redemption - singleplayer and online videos - UPDATED 23/4/10 new video

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PostSubject: Red Dead Redemption - singleplayer and online videos - UPDATED 23/4/10 new video   Wed Apr 14, 2010 3:50 pm

a lot of you probably already know about this game but here is some info for those of you that don't

i don't have a lot of time to post a whole thread about the game like i usually do but luckily for me infomation about games come in video form nowadays so i can just post the video and it'll tell you enough to maybe peak your interest and from then on it's just a simple google search away for more about the game
and lets face it we are all educated enough here but who wants to read about something when we all know it's better to watch it instead unless it's to do with books and films

so the first two videos i'll post will be about the singleplayer side of the game letting you know about the types of missions and locations,characters and some of the stuff you can do from collecting bounties,exploring,wrangling and hunting animals to kill and skin them...ect

the last video is a small bit of the online side of the game called free roam now you may think GTA4 when you hear that but wait until you watch the video

they have made it like the singleplayer that acts as your lobby with A.I and other players walking and riding about yeah you can still enter other modes with a press of a button or find one in free roam
but the free roam acts as a game type in it's self

where you can join posses of your friends or strangers and do some co-op or go hunting or robbing and take on other people and posses from A.I to other players in the game or if you prefer you can go at it alone theres that much to do and 50 levels of xp to gain to help unlock items

would be great if we could get a Legion posse together the release date is may 21st uk so plenty of time to pre-order or buy a new PS3 and pre-order for those of you still in PS3 limbo

Red Dead Redemption - life in the old west part one